About us

Quality Services

We are German capital company representing the company’s activities in Lithuania and the Scandinavian countries.

Our main activity is the design, production, and installation of steel construction buildings.

We are working on multi-purpose hangars, warehouses, industrial or service buildings, such as car service centers, repair shops, commercial and other non-residential real estates.

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Why work with us?

Meeting Your Needs

We design buildings by evaluating and taking into account the needs and requirements of a specific client. We optimally apply the geometries and spaces of the designed building, depending on the requirements for the specific required activity.

Further Construction

Buildings designed and manufactured by our company may be planned for further stepped construction, for example, the areas can be expanded according to the expected need for business or activity growth in the future.

International experience

We have accumulated extensive experience in various construction projects in Lithuania, Norway, and Iceland.

Meeting Deadlines

We can guarantee that your project will be completed promptly with no delay.